Monday, December 19, 2011

Cipina ni kan kalau bab–bab pc ke laptop keeee..

(This Cipina when it comes about pc or laptop..)

..cukup suka! walaoponnn taklah terer mana nye punnnn.
(..she like it so much! eventhough not very good at it


Still figuring out how my 1 year old niece opened a command box which I was looking out for it’s setting for almost a year! How clever she is!

And how noob I am :okay:

Quite few times already I learned something new by a 'small kids accidentally pressed’ any button or combination of buttons.

Syasya, tunjuk Maklong sekali lagi button apa Syasya tekan boleh?  *pegang tgn rapat2 letak kat dada mcm Syaza slalu buat* Pleaseeee..*mata bersinar

Translate :

(Syasya please show me one more time what button you pressed? *hold both hand firmly and put on chest like Syaza always did* Pleaseeee..*Shining eyes)

P/s – Sekarang tak perlu lagi susah - susah nak tekan Fn + F5 untuk refresh desktop dan tak perlu lagi tekan Ctrl + R utk refresh browser! Thehee~

(Now there’s no need to make it hard having to press Fn + F5 for refreshing my desktop and no more need to press Ctrl + R for refreshing my browser! Thehee~)

P/s/s – Oh ya, laptop saya berjenama DeLL ye Red heart
(By the way, my laptop’s brand is DeLLRed heart)

Dell Inspiron N4030


//Update ;

I found the key! Its Window button + X Big Grin

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Ni dah basuh kaki ke belum?

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