Sunday, October 17, 2010

Build A House in 30 days. Mampukah mereka?

By looking at the title, some of you might know already what story I'm going to write right?

Well..for those who have no idea of what is this "Build A House in 30 days" thing, this is a reality TV about siblings project of building a house in 30 days for their special guest who will be coming from overseas to stay in the house they build for few months. Great no?

Am proud of this fellas not just because they are sibling whose building a house within 30 days but everyone of them doing this without any expertise in construction or building a house or a small small pondok orrr...whatever lah..Coooolll......right? Ah. Not to forget. Because they stays in Langkawi. Ngehehe. *noob-_-"

Everyday, he will shoot whatever they've done throughout the day for 30 days and make a short movie out of it! Never imagine this before. Tsk. *the 'tsk' like i've something in my head already and dunno how to deliver to public je ceh. padahal takdak apa pun :P

Okay, let's get knowing the actors first.
click picture to go to the FCU page
from left to right : Nordin (18), Musa (25), Azmi (27), Isa (21), Tajrid the otai (15) & Hafidz (11)

Alright, let's terjah the first episode of this Reality TV.

This is the get-to-know-the-actor episode which is the introduction of every of his handsome siblings and this part is so simple but professional with the name and age stated in the bottom. Love the graphic. No surprise la if Aiz yang buat kan. Me like it. In this episod the FCU's are clearing the things inside the house which are not intact to the building in making it easier to demolish the house.

introduction ; like the graphic on his name & age
doing the 'damage' thing
On episode two, on the first few minutes, the 21 years old Isa tell a story when Aiz met a paranormal entity bla..bla..bla..oke, i skipped this part X_X *penakut! 

In this episode too, they are planning to demolish the house and according to Abg Dean, it's 70% of demolishing the house was done. Great job guys. Ini tambahan. I like the way they put efforts together as a sibling sebab susah dah kot zaman sekarang nak tengok siblings yang sejantina sepakat macam depa nih. Mak sangat bangga nyah. Oke. Enough.

eh, what's that?
is that a river down there?
Let's move to episode three. With HD video, heart touching (??) song, and the scenes in this video make this movie so wonderful. Watching this episode many times I feels like wanna cry already. Tsk. That one also wanna touching touching ar? Eh, sambung sambung.

So, they continue demolishing the house and within one day they successfully destroyed the house. Well done geng!

tajrid teh otai
explaining the progress
expertise in damaging thing :P
For episode four and the last episode up till now, they cleared the debris from the demolishing and also going to flatten the ground and mostly in this episode they have lotsa discussion. It's a big thing though. Building a house oii..bukan senang nak buat cincai - cincai. Tak pasai - pasai satgi naya ja orang mai rumah takdan masuk dah sembah bumi separuh. Huish. Mintak dijauhkan lah. Isk. Eh, by the way, nice song you got here. Where you got the song eh?


see see see..pandai.

Episod five was stopped due to Aiz and family going jalan - jalan to Gunung Raya if I'm not mistaken. Well, takpalah kan. They should also get some rest kan? Takkan nak projek manjang kan. Oke, apology accepted dik. *eh, like those people apology to you pulaks

So, Aiz come out with this plan to involve the blogger in his project for episode five. Still couldn't figure what he's going to do but I sense something great will happen. So, just wait lah ye.

Oh. For those who interested in joining this project, you can make an entry of this project and submit here eh takyah. Dah tarikh tutup dah :P

So, Aiz, this is my bet. Do as you wish with this entry. *bajet pasrah la konon choy.

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  1. kat mana kes kat atas nih berlangsung yang....

  2. @ryan's mommy
    yang, ai pun dok cari jugak kat mana peristiwa ni berlansong..hehe..tengok ke background gunung tu mcm tau ja kat mana :P

  3. @hiro
    kalau ada rejeki :">

    tp bukan ai je ehe..

  4. tsk...

    hahahahha.. sokong orang Pulau dia ja..cit

  5. @Aujinz
    haruslah nyah! hahaha..sangat semangat kepulauan ai ni kan kan kan?

  6. hahahahaha...i've read diz once again...congrats like2...gedix skit....ahahaha...u deserve it...ahaks...

  7. @ryan's mommy
    tengkiusssss..sayang lebih. laga pipi sket :P

    aa..gedik? ni mesti aura dalaman ai ni yang. haha. ai kat luar kan lemah lembut sopan santun penuh kemelayuannnnn keh3

  8. @hamzah ian
    sempoi kan geng - geng ni?

  9. @Sharinginfoz
    most welcome. kalau rajin jenguklah blog dia. sangat kreatif

  10. wooo, cool!!!
    akan follow citer diorg...

  11. @cEro
    memang cool! tak rugi kalau ikut *thumbs up

  12. oi oi.. skali lg dtg sini.. hehe

  13. @hamzah ian
    ha tu na perli la tu lama tak padet blog [-(

  14. wah mantap la si aiz ni... show ni pun mcm menarik jgk la.

  15. @Amir Said
    memang menarik. kreatif bila satu family dia angkut dalam projek dia..

  16. cerita ape neh? macam menarik! =)

  17. @HEROICzero
    cerita buat rumah. best. p la jenguk :D

    @Anna Boleyn
    orait :) thanks :D


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