Friday, June 14, 2013

Draw My Life

Draw My Life favourite saya setakat ini.

Sedikit tentang Draw My Life --

Draw My Life is an internet meme that began in 2013, following the upload of a video from YouTube personality, Sam Pepper.[1]
Following the video, several other popular YouTube personalities began uploading Draw My Life videos,[2] some of which were featured on popular online news publications.[3][4]
The videos consist of someone drawing figures on a whiteboard, in order for viewers to visualize the video creator's narration.[4]
Eventually, Draw My Life videos for fictional characters and non-YouTubers such as Harry Potter were created.[5]

Dia hidup susah dahulu sebelum capai apa yang dia ada hari ni.
Sangat inspiring.

**Suka tengok lukisan dia <3


  1. michelle phan? hana suka tengok video2 dia :)

  2. @hana hadi

    Suka cara dia buat tutorial dengan edit video² dia. Cute².


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